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Size measure each materials specified <br>2,9 x 20 x 200 (in mm), variation of wheelding use the current 60 A and 70 A by <br>Kampuh Single V wheel one side and two sides.<br>Target of research is to know whether there difference or strength is not <br>interesting is by significant in zone wheel, between metal which is not hit the <br>wheel with the metal treated wheel. To know the difference used a statistical <br>analysis different test with the formula t at level significance 5 %.<br>Seen from distribution of data acquirement, there its interesting strength <br>change flattened - flatten, but that way after conducted a statistical test result of <br>research not there are interesting strength difference by significant between <br>metal treated wheel with not wheel. Its result exactly outside zone wheel <br>happened the proven the interesting strength change materials the happening of <br>breaking in mains metal. Research conclusions there are interesting strength <br>change. Wheelding one side, result of interesting strength a few downhill, but <br>wheelding two sides interesting strength exactly a few increasing compared to a <br>metal which not wheel<br>Key Word : Zone Wheel, Strength</p> Burhan Ibnu Mubtadi, Warsito Warsito ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/71 Sun, 02 Sep 2018 00:00:00 SE Asia Daylight Time AK PENGUJIAN PECKING ORDER THEORY: DETERMINAN STRUKTUR MODAL INDUSTRI MANUFAKTUR DI BEI PERIODE SEBELUM KRISIS MONETER http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/72 <p>The purpose of this research is to find out the influence of<br>profitability, liquidity, asset structure, growth, company size and<br>bussines risk on the capital structure decision of manufacturing<br>industries in Indonesia for before moneter crisis period. The data<br>are collected from 122 manufacture companies that are listed in<br>Indonesian Capital Stock Exchange. The sample is selected based<br>on purposive sampling method for the 1995-1996. The two years<br>data are pooled and then analyzed by multiple linear regression, t <br>test. The result of this research shows that profitability and liquidity<br>are negative effect and significant to leverage ratio which<br>correspond well to the explanations of pecking order theory. While a<br>significant positive relation is detected for company size. However,<br>no meaningfull relation are found out between asset structure, <br>growth, bussines risk to leverage ratio.<br>Keywords: pecking order theory, capital structure and leverage<br>ratio</p> Sri Yuliati ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/72 Thu, 02 Sep 2010 00:00:00 SE Asia Daylight Time MP ANALISIS PRODUCT IMAGE DAN KORELASINYA TERHADAP NIAT BELI KONSUMEN DALAM PEMASARAN ICE CREAM http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/73 <p>One of the marketing strategy to attract consumer attention is investing the <br>product characteristic of company in consumer mind. Thie method called “image <br>product” basically, image product is one of in teraction between producer and <br>consumer, where’s the company makes the product identity. It is free froom the <br>image which is good or bad image. In the case, the company has to do many <br>obstacles to attract the consumer attention.</p> Legowo Dwi Resihono ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/73 Thu, 02 Sep 2010 00:00:00 SE Asia Daylight Time TE KENDALI PERALATAN LISTRIK MELALUI JARINGAN KOMPUTER http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/77 <p>The function of most major computer network is for data communication. <br>This function can be expanded to control electrical equipment that is located <br>quite a distance, for example in areas of large and spacious building or house <br>that is located away from the office.<br>By utilizing the UDP protocol and the Delphi programming language, <br>some electrical equipment can be controlled through a computer network. <br>Moreover, computers now become cheaper and cheaper. Using a cheap <br>computer to control electrical appliances becomes more profitable.<br>Keyword: computer network, paralel port, interface, client, server</p> Agus Haryawan ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/77 Thu, 02 Sep 2010 00:00:00 SE Asia Daylight Time SK PENGARUH PENGEMBANGAN PEGAWAI TERHADAP PENINGKATAN MUTU PELAYANAN DI PT TASPEN (PERSERO) KANTOR CABANG SURAKARTA TAHUN 2010 http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/78 <p>“Employee Developmental influence to Quality of service at PT Taspen<br>(Persero) Surakarta's Branch office”. On this research is proposed 2<br>variables which is: Employee development and Quality of service. Are an<br>activity or one series of happening activity consequent marks sense<br>interaction among consumer with clerk who can serve need or consumer<br>requirement.<br>Keyword: Employee development, Quality of service</p> Abdul Jalil ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/78 Thu, 02 Sep 2010 00:00:00 SE Asia Daylight Time TE KAJIAN SISTEM TRANS PORTASI MATERIAL PADA TOMOKO LAMINATING MACHINE http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/79 <p>Tomoko laminating Machine is one of the semi-automatic industrial <br>machine that was developed to help meet human needs in the process of <br>laminating, laminated paper will go through some parts of the engine of <br>a continuous process continuously. Ongoing process of continuous <br>lamination process called Material Transport System in Tomoko <br>Laminating Machine. Materials paper and plastics as materials that will <br>be laminated through the 6 types of rolls during the transportation <br>process of restraint roll, banana roll, press roll, main drum, tension roll <br>and roll cutters. The main components of Material Transport System in <br>the laminating process is the encoder, inverter, sensors, PLCs <br>(Programmable Logic Controller), pneumatic. Encoder acts as a <br>synchronization between the PLC and inverter, while the inverter to <br>stabilize motor rotation, while its speed is increased or decreased. To get <br>the required quality laminating control techniques such as pressure and <br>temperature control in main drum. Minimum width of paper that can be <br>laminated by Tomoko Laminating Machine for 260 mm<br>Keywords: material transport system, tomoko laminating machine, <br>laminating process</p> Muhammad Alhan, Yaya Finayani ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/79 Thu, 02 Sep 2010 00:00:00 SE Asia Daylight Time AK TAX PLANNING (TAX AVOIDANCE DAN TAX EVASION) DILIHAT DARI TEORI ETIKA http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/80 <p>Perencanaan pajak sedang menjadi perhatian khusus dari para pelaku bisnis, dua <br>kegiatan yang bisa dilakukan yaitu tax avoidance dan tax evasion, keduanya <br>merupakan upaya penghematan jumlah pajak yang dibayar, perbedaannya tax <br>avidance melanggar hukum dan tax evasion tidak melanggar hukum. Namun, <br>bagaimana jika dilihat dari teori etika? Hampir semua teori etika menyatakan <br>bahwa tax avoidance adalah melanggar etika, tetapi untuk tax evasion teori <br>egoism menyatakan bahwa hal tersebut bukan pelanggaran etika.</p> Sri Hutami ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/80 Thu, 02 Sep 2010 00:00:00 SE Asia Daylight Time TE MOTOR INDUKSI 3 PHASA SEBAGAI PENGGERAK MESIN WINDER ACW http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/81 <p>Winder ACW (Automatic Craft Winder) merk BARMAG the function is<br>roll of the yarn, Winder ACW machine have five motor, this contol speed motor<br>induction is inverter, the inverter voltage 590Vdc. In this Aplication the function<br>of inverter to keep motor stabilitation match with nessecary speed. The function<br>Inverter the difference voltage DC to AC. The inverter circuit to purpose motor 3 <br>phase speed control that is PWM circuit. Function base Inverter most the<br>difference is function Frq (frequency), function drv (drive), function acc<br>(accelerations), and function dcc (deceleration). One of the developed system is 3<br>phase induction motor, to make the modern system so the vector control method<br>was developed to solve the weaknees in induction motor. In this inverter system<br>as one component used by industry machine as one Winder ACW Machine.<br>.<br>Keyword: induction motor, winder ACW machine, automatic craft winder,<br>winder</p> Yaya Finayani ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/81 Thu, 02 Sep 2010 00:00:00 SE Asia Daylight Time PERAN JARAK TANAM DAN S AAT PENANAMAN KARABENGUK (Mucuna pruriens ( L.) DC.) TANPA PENJ ALAR PADA DUA LOKASI TANAM TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN DAN HASIL http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/82 <p>Penelitian ini dilaksanakan pada tanggal 7 Maret 2009 sampai <br>dengan 25 Juli 2009 di dua lokasi yaitu di Desa Tancep, Kecamatan <br>Ngawen, Kabupaten Gunungkidul dengan tinggi tempat sekitar 170 meter <br>di atas permulakaan laut dan di Desa Sukosari, Kecamatan Jumantono <br>Kabupaten Karanganyar dengan tinggi tempat 150 meter di atas <br>permukaan laut. Tujuan penelitian: (1) Untuk mengetahui pengaruh <br>perlakuan lokasi tanam terhadap pertumbuhan dan hasil tanaman <br>karabenguk; (2) Untuk mengetahui pengaruh perlakuan saat tanam <br>terhadap pertumbuhan dan hasil tanaman karabenguk; (3) Untuk <br>mengetahui pengaruh perlakuan jar ak tanam terhadap pertumbuhan dan <br>hasil tanaman karabenguk; dan (4) Untuk mengetahui interaksi perlakuan <br>lokasi tanam, saat tanam, dan jar ak tanam terhadap pertumbuhan dan hasil <br>tanaman karabenguk; <br>Penelitian ini menggunakan metode percobaan Faktorial dengan <br>pola dasar Rancangan Acak Kelompok Lengkap (RAKL) yang terdiri atas <br>3 faktor perlakuan dengan 3 kali ulangan. Faktor I adalah Lokasi tanam <br>yang terdiri atas 2 taraf : Ngawen dan Jumantono. Faktor II adalah musim <br>tanam yang terdiri atas 2 taraf : musim tanam Maret dan April. Faktor III <br>adalah Jarak tanam yang terdir i atas 3 taraf : Jarak tanam 75x33,3 cm2; <br>75x25cm2 dan 75x20 cm2.<br>Hasil penelitian meunjukkan bahwa: (1) Terjadi interaksi 3 f aktor <br>perlakuan pada berat kering brangkasan, berat kering biji dan indeks <br>panen (2) terjadi interaksi 2 faktor antara lokasi dan jarak tanam pada <br>indeks luas daun (3) Lokasi tanam Jumantono menyebabkan diameter <br>batang, indeks luas daun, berat kering brangkasan, berat kering biji per <br>hektar, dan indeks panen velvetbean lebih tinggi di banding Ngawen; (4) <br>Saat tanam awal Maret meningkatkan indeks luas daun, berat kering <br>POLITEKNOSAINS VOL. IX NO. 2 September 2010<br>88<br>brangkasan, ber at kering biji per hektar, tetapi tidak berpengaruh terhadap <br>diameter batang dan indeks panen di banding saat tanam awal Ap ril; (5) <br>Jarak tanam berpengaruh terhadap diameter batang, indeks luas daun, <br>berat kering brangkasan, berat kering biji per hektar, tetapi tidak <br>berpengaruh terhadap indeks panen; (6) Lokasi tanam Jumantono, saat <br>tanam awal Maret dan jarak tanam 75x25 cm2 dan 75x20 cm2 <br>meningkatkan berat kering brangkasan, berat kering biji per hektar dan <br>indeks panen velvetbean tetapi tidak berpengaruh terhadap diameter <br>batang dan indeks luas daun; (5) Berat kering biji per hektar tertinggi pada <br>lokasi tanam Jumantono, saat tanam awal Maret dengan jarak tanam <br>75x25 cm2 (L2M1J2) yaitu sebesar 3.719 kg/ha, sedangkan terrendah <br>pada lokasi tanam Ngawen, saat tanam awal Ap ril dengan jarak tanam <br>75x33,3 cm2 (L1M2J1) yaitu 1.224 kg/ha.</p> <p>Kata kunci : karabenguk, lokasi, musim, jarak tanam</p> Nugroho Nugroho ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnal.politama.ac.id/index.php/jp/article/view/82 Thu, 02 Sep 2010 00:00:00 SE Asia Daylight Time