Politeknosains 2019-05-03T06:26:32SE Asia Daylight Time Harjono Open Journal Systems <p>Jurnal Teknik Politeknik Pratama Mulia</p> Studi Eksperimental Water Filter Dust Collector Untuk Meningkatkan Kualitas Udara Di Dalam Bengkel Heat Treatment 2019-05-03T06:09:28SE Asia Daylight Time Yohanes Nugroho Bayu Prabandono <p>Heat treatment is a manufacturing process that aims to change the metal structure by heating it to<br>reach the crystallization temperature (austenite), then holding it and cooling it (quenching) so that it<br>reaches the desired characteristic goals. In the quenching process, it causes smoke-shaped air<br>pollution which has no known pollutant content in it. This study aims to determine the content of<br>pollutants in smoke in the process of quenching heat treatment, using an experimental method that<br>uses a dust collector machine with a water filter model, by working the air during the quenching<br>process sucked by a water filter dust collector, then passing the water filter, finally the pollutants are<br>left in the water filter. Thus water contaminated by pollutants will be compared with pure water before<br>being polluted. From the results of the research the quenching process produced sodium pollutants of<br>44.1%, magnesium 1.79%, aluminum 1.25%, barium 95 parts per million, plumbum 82 parts per<br>million, copper 22 parts per million.<br>Keywords: Air pollution, dust collector water filter.</p> 2019-05-03T00:00:00SE Asia Daylight Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Aplikasi Bursa Kerja Khusus Berbasis Delphi 7 Menggunakan Barcode (StudiKasus Di SMK Negeri 2 Karanganyar) 2019-05-03T06:14:20SE Asia Daylight Time Muklis Muklis Cicilia Puji Rahayu Taman Ginting <p>The phases of making a special job market application for SMK Negeri 2 Karanganyar based on<br>Delphi 7 with barcode began with designing and creating a database using Microsoft Access 2007.<br>The database created is a student database, login database, database card, databease registration,<br>database selection, company database, database permission search and database. Next to design and<br>make the program using Delphi 7. In this application program there is a login form, main form,<br>registration form, selection form, search form, company form, student database form, user form<br>manager and permission form. The next stage is designing the registration report, selection report,<br>permit report, registration card report and the last trial and implementation program. This program is<br>implemented in the special job market of SMK Negeri 2 Karanganyar and according to the results of<br>respondents' assessment that this program is very helpful for special job market officials to be more<br>efficient in data collection and processing, and to help smooth officers in the input and management of<br>registrant data.<br>Keywords: Microsoft Access 2007, Delphi 7, Barcode.</p> 2019-05-03T00:00:00SE Asia Daylight Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Pencarian Fitur Optimal HalamanWeb Menggunakan Kombinasi Algoritme Genetika Dan Naivebayes Untuk Klasifikasi 2019-05-03T06:16:50SE Asia Daylight Time Hendri Noviyanto <p>affect the acquisition of value accuracy. These problems can be handled using feature selection<br>techniques. Feature selection method works by evaluating and selecting relevant and informative<br>features of each web page document. Features are a token or informative words that often appear on<br>web pages. In this study, the method used is the genetic algorithm and decision tree incorporated in<br>the wrapper technique. Genetic algorithms are used as subset selection and decision tree as attribute<br>evaluators. The proposed method is able to reduce features by 45.39% for the WebKB dataset and<br>56.71% for the r8 dataset. Overall, the results of the classification process increased although not too<br>significant.<br>Keywords : Algoritme genetika, decision tree, klasifikasi halaman web, naivebayes, seleksi fitur,<br>wrapper.</p> 2019-05-03T00:00:00SE Asia Daylight Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Metode Taguchi - PCR Topsis Untuk Optimasi Energi Dan Kecepatan Grafir Mesin Laser 2019-05-03T06:26:32SE Asia Daylight Time Adi Nugroho Adhi Setya Hutama <p><sup>Along with technological developments and easy access to insight into creative entrepreneurship,<br>many people are competing to create creative products, one of which is by utilizing laser technology.<br>Laser cutting and engraving is used for the manufacture of engraving products in acrylic, wood, glass,<br>leather etc. The uniqueness of the results of laser engraving is uniform surface roughness and detailed<br>product contours. The main challenge of the laser engraving process is the process of setting<br>parameters that take a long time to get the desired surface roughness. The old process certainly results<br>in high energy consumption which affects the cost of the process. In this study the Taguchi method<br>combined with PCR-TOPSIS was used to optimize the engraving process parameters. The parameters<br>measured are scan speed, nozzle distance to the sample surface, and the percentage of energy for the<br>engraving process. The response parameters consist of the level of surface roughness, processing time,<br>and energy consumption used. The results of the optimization test obtained the engraving speed is 200<br>mm/s, the percentage of energy released by the laser engrave machine was 10 % and the nozzle<br>distance was 10 mm.<br>Keywords: Engraving Laser, Taguchi Method, PCR Topsis.</sup></p> 2019-03-11T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement##