Politeknosains 2018-12-18T04:43:31SE Asia Standard Time Harjono Open Journal Systems <p>Jurnal Teknik Politeknik Pratama Mulia</p> EVA SEBAGAI ALTERNATIF PENGUKURAN KINERJA MANAJEMEN 2018-12-18T04:41:48SE Asia Standard Time Sri Yuliati Huriyah Huriyah <p>This paper reviews the concept of EVA as a tool of management<br>performance measurement. EVA based to concept that management<br>objective is creating value for shareholder. With EVA, management has to<br>be selective in identifying and chooses value added activity and minimizing<br>non value added activities. EVAis the Adjusted Net Operating Tax After Tax<br>(NOPAT) for a period minus the capital charge of the investment over that<br>period. Management called create value for shareholder when EVApositive<br>and destroyed value when EVAnegative. EVA also applied as management<br>based incentives compensation. The idea that management will be given<br>more bonus or incentives when their action or strategies maximize<br>shareholders wealth by increasing EVA. Study about EVA still debatable.<br>Many research done to test which measurement that is most precise,<br>accurate and most compatible applied in measuring management<br>performance. Even a lot supports to EVA, there’s critics about EVAtoo. <br>Keyword: economic value added, value added activities,management<br>compensation.</p> 2012-03-01T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## BUDIDAYA TANAMAN BUAH SALAH SATU ALTERNATIF REHABILITASI LAHAN KRITIS DAN MENINGKATKAN KESEJAHTERAAN PETANI 2018-12-18T04:41:53SE Asia Standard Time Nugroho Nugroho <p>From so much kinds of fruits in Indonesia, therefore to rehabilitate<br>crisis area than can gives advantageous economically which at last gives<br>prosperity to the farmers.<br>The farmers must choose fruit plant correctly, that is :<br>The fruits those are liked by the consumens although they are difficult to<br>find the lovest fruits but infact looked for by them.<br>To get maximal production must be begun by true plantation fruit<br>plants, included in the way to plant and the way to keep it, those are :<br>clipping, fertilizing, irrigation, desease domination and germ with together<br>how to harvest and fruits management in harvest time.<br>A kind of excellent fruit has some characteristics, such as :<br>a. The production is highest than the same fruit plant<br>b. The duration is younger relative fast to bear fruit<br>c. The fruit plant proof against from desease<br>d. The delicious of fragrance fruit and its taste are more average of<br>the other fruits<br>e. The shape of the size and the fruit’s colour are similar so become<br>export potention.</p> 2012-03-01T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## ANALISIS PENERIMAAN PAJAK BUMI DAN BANGUNAN DI KANTOR PELAYANAN PAJAK PRATAMA SURAKARTA TAHUN 2008-2010 2018-12-18T04:41:58SE Asia Standard Time Legowo Dwi Resihono <p>Land and Building Tax is included in the taxes that contributed as a<br>source of State revenues, to finance national development and the potential<br>revenue. Tax is also the backbone of Income and Expenditure Budget<br>(APBN). The purpose of this study is to determine and perform an analysis<br>of the rate of increase or decrease the target and the realized revenue Land<br>and Building Tax years 2008-2010 in the Tax Office Pratama Surakarta<br>(KPP Pratama Surakarta). The types of data used in research is the primary<br>data and secondary data, with data collection methods: interviews,<br>observation, and literature study. While the method of analysis used in this<br>research is the analysis of qualitative data and quantitative data analysis.<br>Based on analysis performed by the writer can be seen that the PBB target<br>and realized revenue in the year 2008-2010 in the KPP Pratama Surakarta<br>is experiencing fluctuations, there is rising and there is a down. PBB year<br>revenue target of 2008-2010 the lowest was in 2008 and highest in 2009.<br>For the realized revenue from the year 2008-2010 the PBB the lowest in<br>2008 and highest in 2010. Determination of revenue targets PBB are based<br>on realized revenue PBB the previous year. Reception PBB at KPP Pratama<br>Surakarta in 2008 and 2009 can not exceed the set targets, but revenues the<br>PBB in 2010 may exceed the target set. Although the revenues the PBB in<br>KPP Pratama Surakarta in 2008 and 2009 can not exceed the set targets,<br>but the rate of revenues the PBB from 2008 to 2010 has increased<br>continuously with the base year of 2008. The increase and decrease in<br>revenues was caused by the PBB land values, increase in the intensification<br>of the PBB, and result of rectification of land and buildings. With the<br>explain the increase and decrease in revenues the PBB, KPP Pratama<br>Surakarta then made attempts through the socialization of taxation, Last<br>week the PBB Role Model socialization, active billing and Operation<br>Comb. It is hoped these efforts can be realized with the better and the Tax<br>Payer has the consciousness to fulfill their obligations so as to increase the<br>revenues the PBB in KPP Pratama Surakarta.<br>Keywords: Land and Building Tax</p> 2012-03-01T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## PEMANFAATAN APLIKASI MULTIMEDIA SEBAGAI SARANA PENYEBARLUASAN INFORMASI DAN PROMOSI 2018-12-18T04:42:06SE Asia Standard Time Didik Warasto <p>Multimedia comes from the word "multi" and "media". Multi means<br>many, so that multimedia can be defined as a composite of a variety of<br>integrated media. Combination of various media are to be harmonized and<br>integrated so as to produce an application with a variety of purposes.<br>Multimedia applications through user interaction can be said to be divided<br>into two types, namely static applications and applications that are<br>interactive. In the static version of the user is only able to enjoy any<br>multimedia show presented, such as movies and multimedia presentations.<br>While in the interactive version, the user can interact with the following<br>instructions on the application. Besides interactive version can be two-way<br>means of communication is very effective.<br>Development of communications infrastructure technology also helps<br>media deployment of multimedia applications, in addition to offline media,<br>which is known as CD, DVD or BlueRay. By utilizing the communication<br>line such as LAN or the Internet, applications can be used as a promotional<br>dissemination of effective products. In the interactive multimedia<br>application infrastructure can be used as collaboration tool.<br>For Education multimedia service can be used as a means for<br>disseminating information on the students and the public service to<br>determine the extent of development of the institution. By taking advantage<br>of infrastructure that has been mentioned above, the dissemination of<br>information, college / higher education can be presented either static<br>version (offline) as well as interactive.<br>This paper outlines the use of multimedia as a means of information<br>dissemination and promotion of the concept of the development,<br>implementation, obstacles, and challenges faced.<br>keyword<br>Key words: Multimedia Interactive, educational information, promotions</p> 2012-03-01T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENGARUH METODE PENDINGINAN PADA PERLAKUAN PANAS PASCA PENGELASAN TERHADAP KARAKTERISTIK SAMBUNGAN LAS LOGAM BERBEDA ANTARA BAJA KARBON RENDAH SS 400 DENGAN BAJA TAHAN KARAT AUSTENITIK AISI 304 2018-12-18T04:42:13SE Asia Standard Time Achmad Nurhidayat <p>The dissimilar metal welding between SS 400 low carbon steel and AISI<br>304 austenitic stainless steel had a problem where chromium carbide<br>(Cr23C6) was formed on the grain boundary region of HAZ austenitic<br>stainless steel. As we know, the fact that chromium carbide will decreased<br>the corrosion resistant on austenitic stainless steel, so we have to<br>minimized the forming of chromium carbide.<br>Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) was used to joint the base metal. Post<br>weld heat treatment temperature was carried out at 1100 <br>0<br>C with 1 hour<br>holding time. Water cooling, oil cooling, and air cooling was used for the<br>cooling methods. While for the corrosion test carried out based on ASTM A<br>262.93a (Practice B) and ASTM G1.90 (Practice C 7.5) standard.<br>Generally, post weld heat treatment on austenitic stainless steel could<br>increase the corrosion resistant. The highest corrosion resistant was found<br>on the water cooling method. In the corrosion test within 88 hours, it was<br>found that the decrease of average corrosion rate on the water cooling<br>method was 27.88 % slower than average corrosion rate without specific<br>treatment. While the decrease of average corrosion rate on the oil cooling<br>method and air cooling method were 18.31 % and 8.16 % respectively<br>slower than average corrosion rate without specific treatment.<br><strong>Keywords</strong> : chromuim carbide, post weld heat treatment, the cooling<br>method</p> 2012-03-01T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENGARUH PUTARAN MESIN DAN BAHAN BAKAR TERHADAP KAPASITAS POMPA 2018-12-18T04:43:06SE Asia Standard Time Sugiyanto Sugiyanto <p>The obyective of this research is to investigate the effect af the consumsing<br>at different fuel to the pump capasity. The used fuel are premium and<br>petrolium. The analisyses used in this research, are factorial analisys, BNT<br>analisys and regresion analisys. The factorial analisys does not show<br>significant effect to the pump capacity. But, the BNT and regresion<br>analisyses have significant an the effect of the pump capacity.<br>Keywords: <em>Faktorial analyze, smallest different fact analyze, regress analyze</em></p> 2012-03-01T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENGARUH SUHU LARUTAN ELEKTROLIT DAN WAKTU PELAPISAN TEMBAGA PADA PLAT BAJA LUNAK TERHADAP NILAI KETEBALAN 2018-12-18T04:14:47SE Asia Standard Time B a s m a l B a s m a l <p>Effect of solution temperature and time parameters of copper coating<br>on mild steel plate of the thickness of the electroplating process studies will<br>be needed to get maximum results. The method used is an experimental<br>method to perform the test specimen with the thickness of the coating<br>parameters menvariasikan 5, 10 and 15 minutes at a voltage of 9 volts.<br>Meanwhile, the temperature in the coating process is varied in conditions<br>of 45o, 55o and 65o Celsius.<br>Temperature and time parameters of the coating solution used for<br>copper plating process will affect the results in terms of quantity, wherein<br>the coating the longer time and higher temperatures are used then it will be<br>even thicker layer formed.<br>From the obtained results of tests performed best at 65o Celsius<br>temperature condition coating with coating time of 15 minutes at a voltage<br>of 9 volts, the results obtained 16.4940 μm layer thickness.<br><strong>Keywords</strong>: Electroplating, temperature, time and thickness.</p> 2012-03-01T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENGARUH KUAT ARUS PROSES PELAPISAN NIKEL TERHADAP LAJU MASA 2018-12-18T04:43:09SE Asia Standard Time Sugiyarta Sugiyarta <p>Electroplating is a process of deposition of substances (metal ions) on the <br>electrode (cathode) by means of electrolysis. There was a precipitate in this<br>process is due to an electricity were charged ions move from one electrode <br>through the electrolyte, the results of these elektrlit will mengedap on the <br>other electrode (negative / cathode).<br>Based on existing research results and also discusses the basic theory <br>about the theory of the metal coating of the title of the research to be <br>undertaken can be taken as the following hypothesis: The greater the <br>current that flows stronger it will get heavy pelpisan (a substance that is <br>formed will be higher).<br>The parameters that affect the quality of nickel plating, are: Concentration <br>Dengah solution pH from 1.5 to 5.2, Meeting of the electric current flows <br>which is the number needed to obtain the metal atoms per unit area on the <br>surface of the workpiece to be coated. Temperature and time of the coating <br>will affect the quantity of coating results that occur on the surface of the <br>coated product.<br>Keywords: electroplating, nickel</p> 2012-03-01T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## KEKUATAN TARIK DAN GESER DENGAN PENGELASAN RESISTANCE SPOT WELDING (RSW) ANTARA BAJA KARBON RENDAH DENGAN ALUMINIUM 2018-12-18T04:43:12SE Asia Standard Time Salim Salim Triyono Triyono <p>This study aims to determine the mechanical properties of the image area<br>of a welded connection of two different metals. Resistant Welding Spot<br>Welding method. In this welding jointing material is low carbon steel SS<br>400 with a 1 mm thick aluminum 6061 TI 2 mm and were given assistance<br>filler powder between steel and aluminum alloys (Fe - 10% Al). Welding<br>performed on two samples with the welding time and voltage output 5<br>seconds each - each 2.02 volt and 2.30 volt. Tests carried out by tensileshear testing machine, tension and metallographic cross. The test results<br>showed for tensile shear test on the output voltage of 2.30 volts and 843<br>MPa for 2.02 volt output voltage of 830 MPa. Was to test tensile (cross<br>tension) respectively - each amounting to 434 MPa and 6 MPa. Further to<br>the metallographic photos with the same time and the higher the load<br>voltage shows the union between a low carbon steel with a bridged<br>aluminum filler, the better.<br>Keyword, Las points, low carbon steel and aluminum, filler, tensile test -shear, cross tension and metallography.</p> 2012-03-01T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENGARUH PENAMBAHAN CUPPER RADIATOR PADA MOBIL HUBUNGANNYA DENGAN TINGKAT PERUBAHAN SUHU ENGINE DAN PEMAKAIAN BAHAN BAKAR 2018-12-18T04:43:18SE Asia Standard Time Rohmat Subodro <p>Cars are a set of pipes, cables and other parts arranged in such a<br>way that it becomes a vehicle for people who a lot of benefits for a variety<br>of human needs, then made a wide range of vehicles that are tailored to<br>the demands of human need.Thus, the cars on the market currently consists<br>of various models that have the appearance and the cost of making a<br>different, but in all modes of modern cars have the same working principle,<br>not attached to theform or model of car in question.<br>Quality of work of the car is affected by factors such as: cooling<br>system, ignition system, lubrication system, engine temperature, fuel<br>delivery systems, Tune-up, fuel conditions, ignition setting, the conditions<br>of compression and combustion conditions and outside air<br>temperature.<br>The present era is a lot of vehicles that use a radiator Cupper to<br>collect exhaled air by the rotation of the fan so that the cooling water in the<br>radiator fins can be perfect, so that the working temperature of the engine<br>is stable. Use of Cuper radiator function also helps to keep the temperature<br>of the engine work is not over heating or over cooling, because the overheating occurs due to excessive heat caused the motor if the cooling system<br>is not working properly, over-heating resulting in decreased motor power<br>and motor components easily damaged, so it will result in its wasteful fuel,<br>over-cooling is an event where the working temperature of the engine cold<br>conditions, so that it will result in wasteful of fuel.</p> <p>Key words: car, over heating, Cupper radiator, fuel</p> 2012-03-01T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENGARUH TEMPER DENGAN QUENCHING MEDIA PENDINGIN OLI MESRAN SAE 40 TERHADAP KEKUATAN TARIK DAN STRUKTUR MIKRO BAJA ST 60 2018-12-18T04:43:26SE Asia Standard Time Jeni Fariadhie <p>This study aims to determine the effect of tempering with quenching media<br>Mesran Oil SAE 40 for tensile strength and the microstructure of steel ST<br>60. Temperature tempering process carried out by quenching at a<br>temperature of 6000C to 8300C. The method used in this study was<br>descriptive using raw material for steel ST 60 specimens were produced by<br>PT. Bhineka BAJANAS. Tensile test specimens using the standard ASTM E8<br>A48. The test results showed the composition of the basic material is<br>included in the class of medium carbon steel or high carbon steel with<br>carbon content of 0.452%. The tensile strength of steel ST 60 67.74 kg/mm2<br>and an increase of 28.26% when the quenching process is carried out with<br>a maximum voltage of 86.88 kg/mm2 with an increase of 20.09% in the<br>specimens tempered with a tensile strength of 81, 35%. The results of<br>tensile testing which ended with a fracture of the specimen showed<br>extension of the raw material 12.38%, 9.80% on quenching, and 14.06% in<br>the temper. Greatest contraction occurred in the specimens tempered at<br>49.15% has decreased by 44.16% on quenching specimens, and 46.88% in<br>raw materials. Testing shows the microstructure of the microstructure<br>consists of ferrite rawmaterials and perlite with a large crystal form and a<br>balanced according to the carbon content of 0.452%.</p> 2012-03-01T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## SISTEM INFORMASI GEOGRAFIS LOKASI KANTOR PEMERINTAH DENGAN DUKUNGAN PERANGKAT MOBILE (MOBILE DEVICE) DAN PENCARIAN JALUR TERPENDEK DENGAN ALGORITMA SEMUT (ANT COLONY) 2018-12-18T04:43:31SE Asia Standard Time Hardianto Hardianto Muhammad Alhan <p>Government office is a public facilities that exist in every town. Such<br>facilities were built at every strategic location, easily accessible by every<br>society, but not all residents know the location of government offices. The<br>progress of information technology so rapidly and the potential for widespread<br>utilization, opening opportunities for access, management, and utilization of<br>information in large volumes quickly and accurately increase the use of the<br>global Internet, which integrate with mobile technology has put this<br>technology in a real option. <br>Seeing the development of these technologies, this research will<br>concentrate in the manufacture of a Geographic Information System in<br>Government Offices which can be accessed via mobile devices that have<br>internet connection facilities using SVG Tiny as the representation of spatial<br>map data with vector data model, so that the resulting system is expected as<br>the central government office location information with digital mapping<br>support and assist in determining the optimal path to reach a government<br>office locations. The system is built to be used in applications of mobile<br>devices, so users get real-time information from the GIS Web server.<br>Geographic Information System built a client-server system, consisting<br>of a Web application server (ServerMap) to generate the maps stored in the<br>database server and an application Mobile Client (MobileMap) to request<br>pata to the server and display the response from the server. Map displayed in<br>the SVG XML format that can be read by the Mobile Client.<br>Kata Kunci: Sistem Informasi Geografis, SVG Tiny, Sistem Client-server,<br>Server Map, Mobile Client(MobileMap), XML SVG, real-time</p> 2012-03-01T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement##