Purwarupa Sistem Keamanan Locker Laboratorium Berbasis Raspberry Pi Biometrik Dan RFID

  • Yustina Tritularsih Politeknik ATMI Surakarta
  • Yohanes Sugiarto Politeknik ATMI Surakarta
  • Hizkia Urianto Politeknik ATMI Surakarta
  • Aloysius Triyanto SMK Mikael Surakarta


Laboratory is a very crucial place in doing practice learning. Generally, there are high value

research equipment and component. It needs completing with electronic security system to improve the

security system of laboratory locker user. This research will make a prototype of laboratory locker

security system based on Raspberry pi biometrik and RFID. This system combines the fingerprint

recognition system with fingerprint sensor R307 and the method of id matching by using RFID Card

MIFARE RC522. Raspberry Pi is used as the main controller connected to database MySQL.

Integration process with database is successfully done by using Python language as the device

connector with database. Data of id tag from the reading result of RFID reader and scanning from

sensor of fingerprint on device are successfully delivered to database and sucessfully receive reply

response in the form of the user identity which is shown on LCD screen. The process takes less than

five seconds as long as the device has been connected with Wifi network. The security lock system of

locker box is also equipped with logger data therefore it will make investigation easy if the loss on

laboratory equipment happens.

Keyword : Id Tag, Locker, Python, Raspberry Pi, RFID, Fingerprint Sensor, MySQL, WiFi.