Studi Pengendalian Motor Listrik Di Industri Sebagai Upaya Peningkatan Kualitas Materi Dan Strategi Pembelajaran

  • Muhammad Alhan Politeknik Pratama Mulia Surakarta
  • Yaya Finayani Politeknik Pratama Mulia Surakarta


The rapid development of industrial automation technology one technique for controlling the electric

motor is very difficult to anticipate by JTE Politama, this will require material adjustments and

learning strategies with the development of industrial automation technology to produce graduates

according to the needs and the industry can compete in the global world. It required a partnership

with the industry to determine the development of industrial automation technology, but it needs to be

a partnership with universities that have higher quality and more complete laboratory so it can adopt

the course material, equipment / lab module. The result of the adoption of subjects related to electric

motors and control techniques organized into 9 RPKPS and teaching materials as well as rewinding

machine prototype.

Keyword : electric motor, control techniques, learning strategies.