Pencarian Fitur Optimal HalamanWeb Menggunakan Kombinasi Algoritme Genetika Dan Naivebayes Untuk Klasifikasi

  • Hendri Noviyanto Universitas Surakarta


affect the acquisition of value accuracy. These problems can be handled using feature selection
techniques. Feature selection method works by evaluating and selecting relevant and informative
features of each web page document. Features are a token or informative words that often appear on
web pages. In this study, the method used is the genetic algorithm and decision tree incorporated in
the wrapper technique. Genetic algorithms are used as subset selection and decision tree as attribute
evaluators. The proposed method is able to reduce features by 45.39% for the WebKB dataset and
56.71% for the r8 dataset. Overall, the results of the classification process increased although not too
Keywords : Algoritme genetika, decision tree, klasifikasi halaman web, naivebayes, seleksi fitur,

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Hendri Noviyanto, Universitas Surakarta

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