Aplikasi Bursa Kerja Khusus Berbasis Delphi 7 Menggunakan Barcode (StudiKasus Di SMK Negeri 2 Karanganyar)

  • Muklis Muklis Universitas Surakarta
  • Cicilia Puji Rahayu Universitas Surakarta
  • Taman Ginting Politeknik Pratama Mulia Surakarta


The phases of making a special job market application for SMK Negeri 2 Karanganyar based on
Delphi 7 with barcode began with designing and creating a database using Microsoft Access 2007.
The database created is a student database, login database, database card, databease registration,
database selection, company database, database permission search and database. Next to design and
make the program using Delphi 7. In this application program there is a login form, main form,
registration form, selection form, search form, company form, student database form, user form
manager and permission form. The next stage is designing the registration report, selection report,
permit report, registration card report and the last trial and implementation program. This program is
implemented in the special job market of SMK Negeri 2 Karanganyar and according to the results of
respondents' assessment that this program is very helpful for special job market officials to be more
efficient in data collection and processing, and to help smooth officers in the input and management of
registrant data.
Keywords: Microsoft Access 2007, Delphi 7, Barcode.

Author Biographies

Muklis Muklis, Universitas Surakarta

Sistem Komputer Universitas Surakarta

Cicilia Puji Rahayu, Universitas Surakarta

Sistem Komputer Universitas Surakarta

Taman Ginting, Politeknik Pratama Mulia Surakarta

Teknik Komputer Politeknik Pratama Mulia Surakarta


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