Perancangan Aplikasi E-KIRT Berbasis Android untuk Meningkatkan Pemasaran dan Penjualan bagi Kelompok Industri Rumah Tangga

  • Solikhin Solikhin STMIK Himsya Semarang


In Tegal are small and medium enterprises (UKM) in the form; Household Industrial Group
(KIRT). Household Industrial Group "Kenanga" and "Kangen Rasa" is a group of independent homebased business that produces snacks Rengginang and Keripik Singkong. Industry Group Household
“Kenanga” and “Kangen Rasa” in running the business experienced some classical problems, one
of which is the marketing of their products are still using traditional methods or conventional to shops
(door to door) and word of mouth (word of mouth ). Based on the problems faced, through research
activities in accordance with the agreement of both Domestic Industry Group E-KIRT required
application. Through the application of E-KIRT will be running the business through the Internet,
both in promoting the results of product or performing a transaction. It is very helpful Industry Group
Household, mainly to expand the marketing impact on increasing sales turnover, number of
production, and no less important is that it can shorten the marketing chain to the distributor, so that
the value of profits intact and the impact on the improvement of public welfare businesses Household
Industrial group Rengginang "Kenanga" and Keripik Singkong "Kangen Rasa".
Keywords: Marketing, Promotion, E-KIRT, Household Industry Group, UKM.

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