• Muhammad Alhan Politeknik Pratama Mulia Surakarta


Information Technology (IT), is an important factor in achieving
the objectives of an organization, thus a need to be developed and
implemented effectively and efficiently. This study will analyze and
design the IT Governance within an organization using the COBIT 4.1 to
align with business strategies and objectives of an organization. Analysis
and design is done by using the method of management awareness
questionnaire, and questionnaires developed maturity level of the COBIT
IT governance to control international standard. Analysis of the
questionnaire management awareness has managed to select some IT
process designed for corporate governance model. IT Process research
was chosen domain PO includes PO1, PO7 and PO10, the domain of AI
includes AI3 and AI4, DS domain includes DS5, DS6, DS7 and DS11 and
ME in ME4 domain. Analysis of the maturity level has successfully
demonstrated the maturity level of IT processes selected, so we can know
the current state gap with the desired target level of maturity. Maturity
level significantly determines the level of effectiveness of IT Governance
in an agency.
Key Word: IT Governance, COBIT, management awareness, maturity level,
proses TI

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