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Electroplating is a process of electro deposition of metal layers on the
electrode which aims to form a surface with properties or dimensions
different from the metal base. This study uses a steel plate specimen width
of 3 mm and a length of 6 mm which amounts to 30 pieces.
Testing a thick coating of nickel with the current density constant and
varying the time found that the longer the coating is thicker nickel plating
results. Thickest coating the surface with a time of 15 minutes, which is 75
μm are the thinnest with a time of 5 minutes is 8.33 μm. Faraday law suit
that the amount of metal precipitate formed is proportional to the amount
of electrical current is given multiplied by the duration of the operation.
Testing a thick coating of nickel with a time constant and varying the
flow is obtained that the thickest coating while the current is 5 to 8.5
amperes (75μm) and the thinnest when the current is 0.5 to 1 ampere
(8.33μm). Can be concluded that the longer the time of the coating and a
relatively constant flow is used then the nickel plating that occurs on the
surface of the thickening.
Limits of the allowable pH for the process went well, ranging from 1.5
to 5.2 if the pH value exceeds pitting will occur on the surface of the
coated object. At temperatures 500C with a coating time of 15 minutes a
decline in the value of a thick coating compared to the temperature of
400C. decline in the value of a thick coating also occurred at 0.5 to 1
ampere currents and temperature 500C with coating time 10 minutes and
the temperature 600C with a coating time of 5 minutes. Theoretically that
rising temperatures will increase the conductivity and difusitas mislead
the electrolyte solution, electrolyte means that prisoners will shrink so that
the potential needed to reduce the metal ions is reduced so that the
coating produced on, the surface of the metal will decrease.
Key word: electroplating, the current density, time, pH and temperature

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