Sistem Keamanan Sepeda Motor Menggunakan ATMega16 Dengan Short Message Service (SMS) Gateway

  • Dedi Sulistyo Universitas Surakarta
  • Budi Nugroho Akademi Teknik Warga
  • Cicilia Puji Rahayu Universitas Surakarta


The increased crime of motorcycle theft and plunder in the State of Indonesia makes citizens
increasingly feel insecure. Although various ways are done to prevent theft and seizure of motorcycles,
among others, by replacing the ignition key model or installing a double key still does not make thieves
desperate. Making this tool is intended to reduce the theft and seizure of motorcycles. With this tool will
make it easier for the owners of motorcycles because the system works this tool by utilizing sms facilities.
The working principle of this tool when the vehicle contact ON, motorcycle users are required to enter
a password of 4 digit number. If the password is correct, the machine can be turned on, but if the
password is entered incorrectly, the machine can not be turned on, the horn will sound on a regular
basis, and the modem will send an alert SMS to the owner of the motorcycle. This tool can work
effectively because it can reduce the theft of a motorcycle, this tool can also be used as an alternative
safeguard on other motor vehicles.
Keyword: ATMega16, SMS Gateway, password

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Dedi Sulistyo, Universitas Surakarta

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