Aplikasi Pendukung Keputusan Tes Tipe Kecerdasan Majemuk Anak Dengan Metode Simple Additive Weighting Berbasis Web

  • Achmad Bahtiar Efendi STMIK Himsya Semarang
  • Gatit Sari Chotidjah STMIK Himsya Semarang


Teachers play an important role in understanding the characteristics of their students, this is a
reason for teachers to better recognize the interests and talents of their students so that interest can
be directed and guided so that they can develop. Today many children have talents but do not get
the support and encouragement in their schools, so many children are in fact considered learning
disabled because their unique thinking patterns cannot be accommodated by schools (Susanto,
2005). This is the main problem in the Tarbiyatul Athfal Kindergarten (TK) 39 Semarang, because
the teachers have difficulty in determining the interests and talents of their students because they
have not been supported by the application of computerized decision support systems and methods.
Therefore in this study proposed Decision Support application for multiple intelligence type tests
for kindergarten-aged children using the web-based Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method that
can help facilitate the teacher in knowing the interests and talents of her students. The SAW method
has the advantages of being easy to understand, more flexible, able to solve complex problems and
conduct learning based on human knowledge and experience in solving problems. The SAW method
or better known as the weighted sum. To answer the question, the researcher uses a Likert scale to
facilitate conclusions.
Keyword: Compound Intelligence, Decision Support System, Simple Additive Weighting.

Author Biographies

Achmad Bahtiar Efendi, STMIK Himsya Semarang

Teknik Informatika-STMIK Himsya Semarang

Gatit Sari Chotidjah, STMIK Himsya Semarang

Sistem Informasi-STMIK Himsya Semarang