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Induction cooker is a cooker with induction heating using magnetic fields. When this stove has the highest efficiency compared with other stoves that use gas, kerosene or electric heater, because the heat which is generated almost entirely absorb by the pan. The research has the purpose of obtaining the energy efficiency of the metal which is used as a pan and to decide the magnetic field strength from the use of induction cooker. One of the way to obtain energy efficiency is the selection of metallic materials used as a pan, where the selection of an appropriate metal material will be obtained optimum efficiency. Mean while for the magnetic field strength that is generated by induction cooker, in order to know the limit of safety for the health effects of magnetic fields strength in accordance with the standards. The test results on two metallic materials as a pan containing 1 liter of water from metal stainless steel and zinc, at a temperature of 60  C shows that the energy efficiency of the pan stainless steel (80,3 %) was higher than pan zinc (74,9 %). But the magnetic field strength is generated by the pan containing 1 liter of water at a temperature of 60  C, the magnetic field strength which is generated by using the pan stainless steel (1404 mA / m = 1.76 μT) is higger than the pan ingredients zinc (861 mA / m = 1.08 μT). The higgest magnetic field strength is produced by induction heating cooker on the research is amounted to 1430 mA/m (1.79 μT) with a pan of stainless steel containing 1 liter of water. This magnetic field is still safe. According to the IRPA, INIRC and WHO standards, these restriction of magnetic field doesn’t disturb the health is 1 mT.

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