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 Thermal system is a slow process of changing. If the cooling process done naturally will lead to the decrease in temperature to be slow, so that attempted to control overshoot and steady-state error as small as possible to the conditions set point and load changes. In the conventional PID control tuning is done off-line without taking into account the changes in the plant and the disturbances that arise. The purpose of this study is to design equipment for the control of thermal systems that can automatically tune the PID parameters by fuzzy logic. In the present study used a RISC AVR microcontroller as a control center, which will provide value to the control unit controls the power, then the percentage of control values fed to the heating element with 450 Watt power to heat water with a maximum volume of 2 Liters. While the software is used for PID algorithms and fuzzy logic programming with C language. In order to tune the proper PID parameters on-line, then made twolevel control system. The first level determines the PID parameters by finding the minimum and maximum value of Kp, Ki and Kd with the reaction curve method. The second level in order to design a fuzzy system can automatically tune the PID gain, then formulated into a combination of 49 fuzzy if-then rules to get the value of Kp, Ki and Kd the right of errors and changes in the value of delta error. The results of the process control system with PID control parameters tuning with fuzzy logic is applied to the thermal system can improve the performance of conventional PID control. Tests for set point changes and changes in water volume resulting average value of the response characteristics of control systems as follows: rise time (tr) 231 seconds, the peak time (tp) 254 seconds, the time setting (ts) 302 seconds, the overshoot (Mp) 0.22 ℃ and steady state error (OS) 0.28 ℃ . While the conventional PID control of the resulting tr = 223 seconds, tp = 307 seconds, ts = 678 seconds, Mp = 2.17 ℃ and OS = 0.67 ℃ .
Keywords: PID, Fuzzy, Thermal, AVR Microcontroller, C Language 

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