Siti Achaliyah Jurusan Sekretari, Politeknik Pratama Mulia Surakarta 57149, Indonesia

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Siti Achaliyah, S 24090811, 2011. An analysis of the Implementation of BAN PNF Acreditation Program in improving the education quality on informal education institution in Surakarta. Thesis :Post graduate Program University of Sebelas Maret Surakarta. The research background is to improve the education quality on informal education institution, it is very important to apply the acreditation program from BAN PNF. It is meant to give guaranty about the worthiness of program in PNF institution itself. Moreover the position, role and function of eduation institution whether formal or informal is the same, as the institution that serve public’s need in education, as mentioned in UU RI no 20/2003 section1, verse 1. This research is done to understand the implementation of acreditation program of BAN PNF towards the informal education instution in Surakarta and the barrier in implementing this program as well. This research uses the theory of George C.Edward III that suggest to concern about four main issues, so that the wisdom implementation will be efective, namely communication, resource, disposition or attitude and bureucratic structures. It is a descriptive research with qualitative approach. The source of primary data was done by purposive sampling technique. The obtained data by interview, observation and documentation study. Data validity was done by triangular source and methode. The analysis data technique by analysis interactive data technique. The factors that influence the success in implementing program are communication, resource, disposition or attitude, and bureucratic structures. Among these factors, the barrier take place on the lack of communication of the related subjects in implementing program as well as the human resource limitation, whether in secretarical part or the doer in the field.

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